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Aembit and CrowdStrike integrate for secure workload access.

Title: Aembit Partners with CrowdStrike to Enhance Workload Identity and Access Management

Aembit, the Workload Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform, has announced a new integration with CrowdStrike Falcon, a leading cybersecurity platform. This collaboration enables enterprises to dynamically manage and enforce conditional access policies based on real-time security conditions. By applying Zero Trust principles, Aembit aims to make workload-to-workload access more secure and manageable.

Enhancing Workload IAM Security:
Aembit’s Workload IAM solution offers policy-driven, identity-based, and secretless access controls, replacing the traditional unmanaged, secrets-based approach. In partnership with CrowdStrike Falcon, the platform now checks if the Falcon agent is running on the workload and evaluates its real-time security posture to drive access decisions. This approach ensures workloads are protected against unauthorized access, even in changing conditions and dynamic access requirements.

Key Benefits for Customers:
– Managed Workload-to-Workload Access: Enterprises can enforce and manage workload access to other applications, SaaS services, and third-party APIs based on identity and policy set by the security team. This helps reduce security risks.
– Seamless Deployment: Aembit’s integration with CrowdStrike Falcon allows for effortless consolidation, providing a unified experience for managing workload identities while understanding workload security posture.
– Zero Trust Security Model: Aembit’s solution embraces the Zero Trust approach, verifying every access request before granting access rights. This minimizes potential security vulnerabilities by enforcing the principle of least privilege based on identity, policy, and workload security posture.
– Visibility and Monitoring: The collaboration provides extensive visibility into workload identities and access permissions, enabling swift detection and response to potential security threats. It also allows for monitoring and auditing access logs based on identity, ensuring comprehensive security oversight.

Strategic Collaboration and Industry Recognition:
This collaboration builds on CrowdStrike Falcon Fund’s recent strategic investment in Aembit, highlighting the cybersecurity leader’s commitment to fostering innovation. The investment reflects the growing demand for securing workload access. Aembit Workload IAM is available in the CrowdStrike Marketplace, further expanding the ecosystem of third-party products.

Supporting Quotes:
Daniel Bernard, chief business officer at CrowdStrike, emphasized the importance of identity protection and the need for a holistic security approach. David Goldschlag, CEO and co-founder at Aembit, expressed excitement about the joint mission to enhance workload-to-workload access management. Apurva Dave, CMO at Aembit, highlighted the power of Aembit’s Workload IAM in simplifying and automating security challenges faced by DevOps and DevSecOps teams.

Aembit’s integration with CrowdStrike Falcon brings enhanced security to workload identity and access management. By leveraging real-time security posture evaluations, enterprises can enforce conditional access policies and protect workloads from unauthorized access. This collaboration offers various benefits, including managed workload access, seamless deployment, a Zero Trust security model, and visibility into workload identities. The strategic partnership illustrates CrowdStrike’s commitment to innovation and recognition of the importance of securing workload access. Aembit Workload IAM is now available in the CrowdStrike Marketplace, providing customers with a comprehensive ecosystem of cybersecurity solutions.

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