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Aligning DevOps and SecOps: How Automated Pen Testing Can Improve Security and Agility

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Feb 15, 2023 marks an important day for organizations that want to run a secure and efficient web application security posture. Security and development teams often butt heads with each other, leading to tension and disruption of the development process. One way to resolve this conflict is to automate security testing with every release, a process known as “continuous security.” This approach can help identify and fix vulnerabilities before they reach production. One solution to integrating continuous security into the development process is Pen-Testing-as-a-Service (PTaaS). This cost-effective solution merges application development and security processes into a continuous, automated and secure software development lifecycle.

In conclusion, Feb 15, 2023 marks an important day for organizations that want to improve their web application security posture. Automating security tests with every release and using Pen-Testing-as-a-Service are effective ways to ensure vulnerabilities are identified and fixed before they reach production. By aligning the priorities of development, security, and operations teams, PTaaS enables organizations to deliver secure software faster. To learn more about how Outpost24 can help your organization implement continuous penetration testing, get in touch today.

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