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Apple patch fixes zero-day kernel hole reported by Kaspersky – update now! – Naked Security

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In June 2023, Kaspersky reported a new strain of iPhone malware called the Triangulation Trojan. Although Kaspersky was not the main target, it was necessary for the company to hunt for the malware on its own devices. The malware was injected quietly and automatically onto infected devices, without users needing to make a security mistake. This suggests that attackers knew about one or more closely-guarded zero-day exploits that could be triggered remotely over the internet.

The Triangulation Trojan is a critical security threat that can compromise an entire device, bypassing Apple’s strictures about software downloads being restricted to the “walled garden” of Apple’s own App Store. Apple released patches for all its supported devices, except for Apple TVs running tvOS, fixing two critical security holes: type confusion in WebKit and integer overflow in kernel. The kernel zero-day may have been exploited on iOS before version 15.7, which means all systems are vulnerable, and attackers may extend their attack to other Apple platforms.

It is essential to patch early and patch often to protect against the Triangulation Trojan. Head to Settings > General > Software Update to check for patches or to download them if you haven’t. After updating, check the version numbers to ensure that you have the latest patches installed. On macOS 11 Big Sur and macOS 12 Monterey, you’ll receive two updates, with the patches for the WebKit bug packaged in a special update named Safari 16.5.1.

In conclusion, the Triangulation Trojan is a dangerous malware that can compromise your iPhone. It is essential to update your device regularly and follow Apple’s security guidelines to protect against this threat.

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