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Apple says better keep data out of cloud

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Apple recently advised users to keep their data out of the cloud as a way to safeguard it. This message was delivered during Apple’s Wonderlust event, which attracted significant attention in terms of digital viewership statistics. While Apple did not provide specific reasons for this advice, it did explain how its A17 Pro-System chip, powering the iPhone 15 Pro, stores data locally instead of relying on cloud-based storage.

Storing data locally on devices, like the iPhone 15 Pro and Watch Series 9, offers several advantages. It minimizes latency issues caused by weak Wi-Fi or cellular networks and reduces the risk of threats such as man-in-the-middle attacks orchestrated by sophisticated criminals. By keeping sensitive information directly on the device, data access is faster, and many security concerns associated with cloud environments are eliminated.

Apple achieves this through the use of a Neural Engine equipped with 16 cores, which leverages machine learning and AI language processing to handle personal data without transmitting it to the cloud. The same number of cores also manages the M2 and M2 Max silicon wafers found in Mac devices, showcasing the versatility of this technology.

In terms of pricing, the iPhone 15 ranges from $800 to $1200 in the United States, with the Pro Max version being at the higher end of the spectrum. This pricing is relatively favorable when considering the exchange rate with the Dirham currency.

Key points:
– Apple advises users to keep their data out of the cloud for better security.
– Storing data locally on devices offers advantages such as faster data access and reduced security concerns.
– Apple’s A17 Pro-System chip powers the iPhone 15 Pro and stores data locally.
– The Neural Engine with 16 cores handles personal data without transmitting it to the cloud.
– The iPhone 15 is priced between $800 and $1200 in the United States.

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