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Ardent Health Services hit by ransomware

Several hospitals affiliated with Ardent Health Services have been targeted by ransomware attacks, leading to the rescheduling of appointments and redirection of patients to alternative medical facilities. The affected institutions include Hillcrest Healthcare Systems, Lovelace Health System, and UT Health.

Hackensack Meridian Mountainside Medical Center and Pascack Valley Medical Center have also experienced network outages due to malicious malware attacks.

The cyber-attacks occurred in late November 2023, with initial estimates suggesting that the infiltration may have taken place a few days prior.

Healthcare networks in Canada have also been impacted by cybercriminals, leading to disruptions and emergency diversions.

Europol, in collaboration with law enforcement agencies from various countries, conducted a sting operation resulting in the arrest of six individuals responsible for victimizing over 1800 people globally.

Ukraine Cyber Police, working with Europol, targeted two criminals using LockerGaga and Mega Cortex Ransomware tools. However, as one cybercriminal organization is dismantled, others quickly emerge, highlighting the ongoing challenge of combating cyber-crimes.

Key Points:
1. Hospitals affiliated with Ardent Health Services, as well as other medical centers, have been targeted by ransomware attacks, leading to disruptions in healthcare services.
2. The attacks occurred in late November 2023, affecting institutions in the United States and Canada.
3. Law enforcement agencies, including Europol and Ukraine Cyber Police, have made arrests in connection with the cyber-attacks.
4. The complexity and sophistication of cyber-crimes continue to pose challenges for prevention and enforcement efforts.
5. The healthcare sector must remain vigilant and implement robust cybersecurity measures to protect patients and their data.

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