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Aussie PM says, “Shut down your phone every 24 hours for 5 mins” – but that’s not enough on its own – Naked Security

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has advised people to turn off their mobile phones for five minutes every day as a cybersecurity measure. While it is unclear why the PM suggests this precise timing, it is speculated that turning off phones at night for five minutes can stop any spyware that may be running in the background. However, this may not be effective against persistent threats, which refer to rogue software that outlives the app or session that launched it. To improve mobile cybersecurity, it is also recommended to get rid of unnecessary apps, log out from apps when not in use, manage privacy settings, clear browser history, and turn off as much as possible on the lock screen. Additionally, users should be aware of what they share and set a PIN code on their SIM card. While rebooting phones regularly can give a fresh operating system startup, it may not always be effective against persistent malware.

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