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Azure AD Enhancements – Sophos News

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Sophos Firewall v20 is now available for early access, and each week, new features are being highlighted leading up to its launch.

Last week, the focus was on VPN enhancements in Sophos Firewall v20. This week, the attention is on the latest enhancements to Azure Active Directory authentication and group imports.

The article includes a video overview of the Azure AD enhancements, showcasing the new features.

Sophos Firewall v20 introduces several enhancements to Azure AD, including Azure AD SSO for the captive portal. This allows users to authenticate using their Azure AD credentials.

Another enhancement is the Azure group import feature, which allows users to import specific groups from Azure AD based on specified attributes, eliminating the need for manual group creation.

The firewall also provides automatic Azure RBAC, which promotes or demotes users based on their role changes in Azure, ensuring they are assigned the appropriate profile and privileges.

Readers are encouraged to participate in the early access program and provide feedback to help make the release the best it can be. The EAP release is fully supported and can be upgraded from any previously supported firmware version.

In conclusion, Sophos Firewall v20 brings significant enhancements to Azure Active Directory authentication and group imports. These enhancements provide improved functionality and convenience for users.

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