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Banning TikTok – Schneier on Security

-Banning TikTok would be ineffective and destructive to our core values of free speech and commerce
-The simplest approach to banning the app would be to remove it from the Apple and Google app stores, but this would not prevent users from downloading it from other sources
-Congress may also take a financial approach and ban US companies from doing business with ByteDance, but this would not prevent Americans from accessing TikTok through loopholes
-The most dangerous approach would be to ban the use of TikTok by anyone in the United States, which would necessitate a national firewall to spy on and censor Americans’ access to the Internet
-The only way to address the real problem is to enact serious privacy laws to stop our data from being collected, analyzed, and sold—by anyone
-These laws would protect us in the long term, prevent data breaches and ransomware attacks, and be compatible with our core values of free speech and commerce

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