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Barbie and the stalking spouse • Graham Cluley

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In the article, the “Smashing Security” podcast is discussed, with Carole and Graham delving into topics such as the sinister side of Barbie and a stalkerware operation. The podcast is known for its edgy content, which may contain nuts, adult themes, and rude language.

The article also includes an embedded player for the podcast, allowing readers to listen to the episode directly on the webpage. It provides links to the hosts’ Twitter profiles and various sponsors of the podcast.

Readers are encouraged to support the show by spreading the word, leaving reviews on platforms like Apple Podcasts, and becoming a patron to access ad-free episodes and early-release feeds.

The article concludes with information about the author, Graham Cluley, who is a veteran of the cybersecurity industry. It mentions his extensive experience and expertise in the field, as well as his media appearances and international speaking engagements. The author’s social media profiles and contact information are provided for further engagement.

Key points:
1. The

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2. The “Smashing Security” podcast discusses topics such as Barbie and stalkerware.
3. The podcast may contain explicit content.
4. The article includes an embedded player for the podcast episode.
5. Readers are encouraged to support the show through various means.
6. The author, Graham Cluley, is a cybersecurity industry veteran with extensive experience and expertise.

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