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Bitcoin boo-boo, deepfakes for good, and time to say goodbye to usernames? • Graham Cluley

The latest episode of the “Smashing Security” podcast covers a range of topics, including the use of deepfakes for positive purposes, the potential security risks posed by common usernames, and a bizarre incident involving a $500,000 fee for a $1,865 transaction. Hosted by cybersecurity experts Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault, this episode features Dave Bittner from The Cyberwire as a guest. Listeners are warned that the podcast may contain explicit language and adult themes. The episode can be accessed through an embedded player on the article’s webpage. The article also provides links to the hosts’ and guest’s social media profiles, as well as sponsors of the podcast. It ends with a call to support the show by recommending it to others and leaving reviews. The author of the article, Graham Cluley, is a well-known figure in the cybersecurity industry with extensive experience and expertise.

Key points:
1. The “Smashing Security” podcast episode discusses the use of deepfakes for positive purposes, highlighting the potential benefits and ethical considerations.
2. The episode raises awareness about the security risks associated with common usernames and the need for stronger authentication methods.
3. A strange incident involving a $500,000 fee for a $1,865 transaction is discussed, shedding light on the importance of verifying transaction details.
4. The podcast features Graham Cluley, Carole Theriault, and Dave Bittner as hosts and guest, providing insights from experienced cybersecurity professionals.
5. Listeners are encouraged to support the podcast by sharing it with others, leaving reviews, or becoming patrons for ad-free episodes and early access.

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