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Breached credentials of UK top universities available on dark web

Breached credentials of over 2.2 million students and staff from UK’s top 100 universities are now available on the dark web, according to a report by Crossword Cybersecurity. About 54% of the information belongs to 24 leading Russell Group universities. The information available on the dark web includes banking and email credentials. The data of 1,000 students is available for as low as £6, while the price may go as high as £80 depending on the type of information and its timeliness.

Most of the information belongs to over 2.2 million students studying in the UK, of which 680,000 are international students and the rest are natives, in addition to 234,000 staff members. Educational institutions should monitor their data storage practices and watch for any leaks. Implementing multi-factor authentication can help in protecting staff and students’ personally identifiable information (PII) from prying eyes.

Hackers are always behind information that can fetch them great monetary benefits, and the education sector is not an exception. The breach can spread to other sectors such as manufacturing, automotive, finance, and more. Therefore, it’s high time for educational institutions to take security measures seriously.

To conclude, educational institutions must implement robust security measures such as multi-factor authentication to protect sensitive data of staff and students. Cybersecurity threats are not just limited to the education sector, and it’s important for other industries to take security measures seriously before it’s too late.

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