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Cisco Introduces Automated Ransomware Recovery Solution for Enhanced Cybersecurity

The rising threat of ransomware attacks has led to significant financial losses and disruptions for businesses.

Cisco has introduced an automated ransomware recovery feature exclusively for its Extended Detection and Response (XDR) system customers.

The integration of Cohesity’s DataHawk and DataProtect plans within the XDR platform allows Security Operations Center (SOC) teams to rapidly detect, snapshot, and recover critical business data at the first sign of a ransomware infection.

Cisco’s XDR platform combines robust security features with third-party security products, offering tools for incident analysis, threat remediation, response automation, and network access control.

In addition to XDR, Cisco has integrated with leading infrastructure networks and enterprise data backup and recovery plans to enhance business continuity solutions with automated ransomware recovery capabilities.

With Cisco’s automated ransomware recovery solution, businesses can strengthen their cybersecurity defenses and mitigate the damaging consequences of ransomware attacks.

Key points:

– Ransomware attacks pose a significant threat to businesses, causing financial losses and disruptions.
– Cisco’s XDR system offers an automated ransomware recovery feature for its customers.
– The integration of Cohesity’s plans within XDR allows rapid detection and recovery of critical data.
– Cisco’s XDR platform combines its own security features with third-party products for comprehensive cybersecurity.
– Cisco has also integrated with other infrastructure networks and data backup plans to enhance business continuity.
– With Cisco’s solution, businesses can protect their financial assets and reputation from ransomware attacks.

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