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Cisco to acquire Valtix – Cybersecurity Insiders

Cisco, the networking giant, recently announced its plans to acquire Valtix, a cloud security start-up. The deal is slated to close in May of this year, and the financial terms remain unknown. This move is a part of Cisco’s effort to deliver integrated cloud networking solutions for companies of all sizes.

Valtix has already become a strategic product partner for Cisco, having developed a network protection solution for workloads created and consumed on any cloud. According to reliable sources, the deal will be finalized by September 2023 and the start-up will be merged into the Cisco Security Business Group.

Research conducted by Forester has revealed that 75% of respondents have difficulty securing their cloud environments. Of these, half felt that not paying enough attention to cloud security might lead to data breaches, vulnerabilities, and malware infiltration.

Valtix technology offers visibility, telemetry, and policy enforcement to create consistent and consolidated security policies for multi-cloud environments. This helps businesses ensure that their cloud environments remain secure and protected.

In conclusion, the acquisition of Valtix by Cisco is a strategic move to meet the ever-growing cloud security needs of businesses. It will help companies to protect their cloud environments and ensure the security of data and applications hosted on the cloud.

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