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Court asks DPC to reinvestigate massive Google Data Breach

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In a legal case initiated by Dr. Johnny Ryan against the Data Protection Commission (DPC), the Irish high court rejected his claim that the DPC had inadequately addressed a data breach on Google’s servers. The court ruled that the DPC was the appropriate entity to investigate such instances involving private American technology firms.

Dr. Ryan alleged that Google was exploiting user personal data for Real Time Bidding (RTB) analysis carried out by a third party, which violated data protection regulations. He criticized the DPC for not conducting a comprehensive investigation into this practice.

The DPC defended itself by stating that an inquiry had been initiated in 2019 and was still ongoing. It assured that once the inquiry concluded, it would examine Dr. Ryan’s allegations to enhance the handling of data misuse concerns.

Dr. Ryan argued that the delay in proceedings was benefiting Google by giving them more time and fostering a belief that their actions were legitimate. He also highlighted that a similar complaint lodged by him with the International Advertising Bureau Europe is currently under review by the Belgian Data Protection Authority.

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