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Criminal IP and Quad9 join forces to share threat intelligence.

# Criminal IP Partners with Quad9 to Enhance Threat Intelligence Data Exchange

## Introduction
Criminal IP, a prominent Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) search engine developed by AI SPERA, has recently forged a technology partnership with Quad9 to exchange threat intelligence data based on domains and IP addresses. This collaboration aims to bolster user protection by blocking threats to end-users effectively.

## Rigorous Data Evaluation
Criminal IP underwent a thorough data evaluation process to integrate with Quad9’s threat-blocking service. Test results revealed that 99.1% of malicious domains identified by Criminal IP’s threat intelligence were non-duplicative with other TI data, showcasing high data uniqueness and accuracy.

## Quad9’s Enhanced Threat Blocking
Quad9, a free anycast DNS platform known for robust security protections and privacy guarantees, leverages Criminal IP’s database of malicious domains to enhance its threat-blocking capabilities. This integration ensures protection against a wide range of threats like malware, phishing, spyware, and botnets while optimizing performance.

## Specialized Domain Threat Intelligence
Criminal IP’s Malicious Domains Retrieval API sends identified malicious domain data to Quad9 for integration. This data, combined with other TI sources like IBM, OpenPhish, and F-Secure, enables the creation of a comprehensive blocklist for user protection. Additionally, users can access detailed domain information through Criminal IP’s Domain Search tool.

## Partnership Impact and About AI SPERA
The partnership between Criminal IP and Quad9 signifies the accuracy of Criminal IP’s data and aims to enhance user protection globally. AI SPERA, the company behind Criminal IP, has a track record of delivering cybersecurity solutions worldwide through a range of products.

### Key Points:
– Criminal IP partners with Quad9 to exchange threat intelligence data.
– Quad9 leverages Criminal IP’s database of malicious domains for enhanced threat blocking.
– Criminal IP offers specialized domain threat intelligence through its Malicious Domains Retrieval API.
– The partnership aims to improve user protection and enhance the quality of Criminal IP’s data.
– AI SPERA, the company behind Criminal IP, offers a range of cybersecurity solutions and has established partnerships with global security firms and educational institutions.

In summary, the partnership between Criminal IP and Quad9 signifies a significant step forward in enhancing threat intelligence data exchange and improving user protection against cyber threats. AI SPERA’s commitment to delivering accurate and comprehensive cybersecurity solutions underscores the importance of collaboration in safeguarding the digital landscape.

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