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Cyber Attack on MGM Hotel Group

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In this article, we discuss the recent cybersecurity incident that has impacted MGM Resorts, a well-known hotel and casino company. The incident has affected various aspects of its operations, including company emails, reservation records, room access systems, and even casino slot machines. Law enforcement agencies have been contacted to conduct a thorough investigation into the breach.

MGM Resorts, with properties along the famous Las Vegas Strip, is a prominent player in the hospitality industry. The incident was initially detected on September 10th, 2023, and the company’s IT team took immediate action to isolate the affected network systems. This disruption caused difficulties for guests, such as payment issues and offline or frozen slot machines.

The impact of the incident extended beyond the gaming floor, affecting restaurant payment gateways as well. As a result, MGM’s hotel staff had to accept cash payments exclusively for room services. This situation led to a shortage of cash in nearby ATMs, leaving guests unable to provide physical currency for essential services. Some guests were even locked out of their reserved rooms, requiring specialists to provide physical access.

To address the frustration of guests, MGM Resorts has offered credit to some of its loyal patrons on its regular guest list. Similar issues were reported by guests at Borgata in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and Biloxi, although specific details remain undisclosed.

This incident highlights MGM Resorts’ previous cybersecurity challenges, with a cyberattack in 2019 affecting around 142 million guests. Details regarding the attack variant are yet to be disclosed.

Key Points:
1. The recent cybersecurity incident at MGM Resorts has impacted various aspects of its operations, including emails, reservations, and room access systems.
2. The incident caused disruptions for guests, including payment issues and offline slot machines.
3. Restaurant payment gateways were also affected, leading to a shortage of cash in nearby ATMs.
4. Some guests were locked out of their rooms, requiring specialists to provide physical access.
5. MGM Resorts is offering credit to loyal patrons to address their frustrations.

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