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Cybereason launches Cybereason Mobile Threat Defense for enhanced mobile security.

# Cybereason Introduces Mobile Threat Defense Solution to Combat Sophisticated Security Risks

## Introduction
Cybereason, a leader in future-ready attack protection, has recently launched Cybereason Mobile Threat Defense, powered by Zimperium. This move comes in response to the growing trend of mobile-powered businesses and the increasing sophistication of security risks such as spyware, phishing, and ransomware.

## Increasing Mobile Threats
Brandon Rochat, Cybereason’s regional sales director for Africa, highlights the exponential growth in mobile devices and apps, leading to an ever-evolving attack surface. Research shows that 60% of endpoints accessing enterprise assets are through mobile devices, indicating a continuous rise in threats to the attack surface.

## Key Features of Cybereason Mobile Threat Defense
– **Secure Your Mobile Endpoints:** Cybereason MTD provides comprehensive mobile security for organizations, protecting corporate-owned and BYO (bring-your-own) devices.
– **Phishing attacks, Network Attacks, Malicious Apps & Device attacks:** Cybereason MTD addresses these four main mobile threat vectors, providing real-time threat detection and remediation.
– **Improve visibility & compliance of all endpoints:** Cybereason MTD helps enhance visibility and compliance of all endpoints, including iOS, Android, and ChromeOS devices.
– **Enable user productivity & protection:** With a privacy-by-design approach, Cybereason MTD ensures user productivity while safeguarding organizations’ infrastructure and private data.

## Case Study: Early Adopter Secures Mobile Endpoints and Patients’ Data
A regional emergency medical services organization became an early adopter of Cybereason MTD to safeguard patient data accessed by first responders on mobile devices. This initiative not only improved employee well-being but also ensured efficient and effective patient care.

## Conclusion
Cybereason’s Mobile Threat Defense solution is a crucial step in addressing the escalating mobile security threats faced by organizations. By providing comprehensive protection against various attack vectors, enhancing visibility and compliance, and enabling user productivity, Cybereason MTD is a valuable asset in the fight against mobile-related cyber threats.

### Key Points:
– Cybereason introduces Cybereason Mobile Threat Defense in response to the rising mobile security threats.
– The solution addresses the four main mobile threat vectors and offers comprehensive protection for organizations.
– A case study highlights the benefits of early adoption of Cybereason MTD in securing patient data and improving employee well-being.
– Cybereason MTD enables organizations to regain visibility of their mobile attack surface and minimize the risk of mobile-related cyberattacks.
– Overall, Cybereason Mobile Threat Defense is a crucial tool in mitigating sophisticated security risks in the mobile era.

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