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Cybersecurity news headlines trending on Google

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MCNA, the largest government-sponsored health insurance organization, has revealed that it has suffered a data breach that has affected over 9 million patients. The stolen information includes personal details, health insurance plan details, and insurance claims history. The LockBit Ransomware gang has taken responsibility for the attack and has demanded a ransom of $10 million.

Cyber Sentience, a security firm specializing in threat intelligence, has discovered that access to the IT systems of New Zealand schools and tertiary institutes is being traded on the dark web for a meager $500 USD. Information related to 8 universities and login details for computer and email networks of over 556 school institutes were already being traded on the web.

The development of Cosmicenergy, a malware designed to disrupt power utility computer networks, is suspected to be the work of Russian intelligence. The malware can steal and destroy information and applications running on the transmission and distribution network. This attack is similar to the previous version of Industroyer, which attempted to disrupt power grids in Ukraine in March 2022.

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