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Deloitte teams up with Memcyco for instant online impersonation defense.

Title: Memcyco and Deloitte Partner to Strengthen Cybersecurity Solutions

Memcyco Inc, a leading provider of real-time digital impersonation detection and prevention solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with Deloitte, a prominent consulting, advisory, and audit services firm. This collaboration aims to enhance Deloitte’s cybersecurity offerings by integrating Memcyco’s industry-leading anti-impersonation software. The partnership will provide global solutions to combat digital impersonation fraud and protect organizations, enterprises, and brands from reputational damage and financial losses.

Partnership for Advanced Fraud Prevention:
The alliance between Memcyco and Deloitte combines Deloitte’s consulting expertise with Memcyco’s cutting-edge platform for real-time detection and prevention of digital impersonation fraud. This collaboration will elevate fraud prevention to new heights, particularly in countering attacks that use phishing sites to target customers. By leveraging Memcyco’s solutions, government organizations, enterprises, and brands can safeguard their customers’ personal data, such as login credentials and credit card information, from falling prey to malicious actors.

Holistic Response to Threats:
The partnership between Memcyco and Deloitte goes beyond software integration. It includes additional solutions related to integration and cooperation, such as Deloitte’s Strategic & Reputation Risk Services. This multidisciplinary synergy ensures a holistic response to threats, capitalizing on each organization’s expertise and accumulated experience. By offering more robust and complete solutions, this collaboration aims to provide enhanced protection for clients.

Unique Capabilities of Memcyco:
Memcyco’s platform offers real-time detection, protection, and response to online impersonation attacks, such as phishing and smishing. Unlike other solutions, Memcyco excels at safeguarding the critical “window of exposure” between the launch of a fake website and the attacker’s attempt to use stolen data. Through real-time alerts, Memcyco warns users about spoofed sites and tracks both attacker and victim activities. This approach is crucial for organizations to prevent data breaches, financial losses, and reputational damage while protecting their customers from identity theft and financial harm.

Memcyco’s Showcase at Deloitte Cyber iCON Event:
Memcyco will showcase its solutions at the third annual Deloitte Cyber iCON event in Spain on January 23, 2024. This event will provide businesses with insights into prevalent and sophisticated cyber threats. Memcyco’s representatives will join Deloitte’s cybersecurity experts on-stage to discuss the dangers of digital impersonation and introduce their comprehensive solution for mitigating such risks. The partnership aims to empower organizations of all sizes to build trust with their customers by offering protection against impersonation and brandjacking attacks.

Key Points:
1. Memcyco Inc and Deloitte have formed a strategic partnership in the cybersecurity sector.
2. The collaboration enables Deloitte to offer Memcyco’s anti-impersonation software globally.
3. This partnership combines Deloitte’s consulting expertise with Memcyco’s real-time detection platform.
4. Memcyco’s solutions protect organizations from digital impersonation fraud and data breaches.
5. Memcyco will showcase its solutions at the Deloitte Cyber iCON event to educate businesses about cyber threats and prevention measures.

Memcyco Inc and Deloitte have joined forces to enhance cybersecurity solutions by integrating Memcyco’s real-time digital impersonation detection and prevention platform. This partnership aims to protect organizations and their customers from digital impersonation fraud, phishing attacks, and data breaches. The collaboration offers robust solutions that leverage Deloitte’s consulting expertise and Memcyco’s cutting-edge technology. By showcasing their solutions at the Deloitte Cyber iCON event, both companies aim to educate businesses about the dangers of digital impersonation and provide strategies to mitigate such risks.

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