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Deploying AI Code: Safety Goggles Needed

Pieter Adieux is the co-founder and CEO of Secure Code Warrior, a company that focuses on secure coding practices. In this article, the author discusses the potential of generative AI (GAI) technology and its implications for developers and security processes. While GAI offers automation and productivity benefits, it also poses security risks due to poor coding patterns and vulnerabilities. The article highlights the security issues faced by ChatGPT, a popular GAI application, and emphasizes the need for developers to hone their security skills and maintain code quality. The author suggests embedding security within development teams from the beginning, enforcing clearer guidance and training, and creating a code of conduct for best practices. The article concludes by emphasizing the importance of safe research and testing and the need for organizations to manage the risks associated with GAI appropriately.

Key Points:
1. GAI technology offers automation and productivity benefits but also poses security risks.
2. ChatGPT, a prominent GAI application, has faced security issues, including incorrect answers and insecure code generation.
3. Developers must focus on security skills and code quality to ensure GAI tools are used effectively.
4. Organizations should embed security within development teams, enforce guidance and training, and establish best practices for integrating AI.
5. Safe research and testing are important to mitigate the risks associated with GAI.

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