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Enea Unveils Qosmos Threat Detection SDK to Boost Network Security

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Enea, a leader in telecom and cybersecurity, has introduced the Qosmos Threat Detection SDK to address the limitations of conventional intrusion detection systems (IDS). Traditional IDS platforms often struggle to meet the evolving demands of cloud-based, multifunction security platforms.

The Qosmos Threat Detection SDK offers a comprehensive approach to IDS that meets both technical and functional threat detection requirements. It combines Suricata’s industry-leading IDS functionalities with Enea’s Qosmos ixEngine, eliminating the need for double packet processing and significantly accelerating parsing speed.

One of the key advantages of the SDK is its performance and scalability. By leveraging Enea’s Qosmos ixEngine for packet acquisition and parsing, it doubles the performance and provides significantly higher native throughput than traditional IDS systems.

The SDK also offers enhanced accuracy and customizability. It provides full traffic visibility, even into encrypted communications, and reduces false negatives and false positives. It allows for the easy creation of custom rulesets, enabling cybersecurity solution developers to have more accurate and rapid threat detection capabilities.

The Qosmos Threat Detection SDK is designed for simplified integration and deployment. It allows for tight integration into various cybersecurity solutions while maintaining flexibility and scalability. It supports standard rulesets with Suricata syntax, making deployment easier. The SDK also makes Qosmos ixEngine metadata available in rule syntax, further improving threat detection and simplifying integration.

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element is a versatile HTML element used for creating divisions or sections in a webpage. Enea’s Qosmos Threat Detection SDK addresses the limitations of conventional IDS systems and offers a comprehensive approach to threat detection. With its performance, scalability, enhanced accuracy, customizability, and simplified integration and deployment, the SDK provides cybersecurity solution developers with a powerful tool to meet the evolving demands of cloud-based security platforms.

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