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EVSec Platform: Ensuring Cybersecurity Compliance in Automotive Industry.

# Automotive Industry Embraces C2A Security’s EVSec Platform for Cybersecurity Compliance

## Introduction
The automotive industry is facing increasing pressure to comply with cybersecurity regulations and standards, with the full implementation of UN Regulation No. 155 scheduled for 2024. In response to these challenges, C2A Security’s EVSec Risk Management and Automation Platform has gained traction within the sector, offering solutions to efficiently meet regulatory requirements.

## Adoption of EVSec Platform
C2A Security’s EVSec platform is designed to enhance product security in automotive software development by automating manual processes and facilitating collaboration among teams, customers, and supply chain partners. The platform’s capabilities include comprehensive digital twin features and continuous feedback mechanisms for operational and vulnerability management, contributing to agile software development processes.

## Expansion and Partnerships
In 2023, C2A Security expanded its customer base to include multiple OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers through successful evaluations and partnerships with industry leaders such as Daimler Truck AG, BMW Group, Marelli, NTT Data, Siemens, and Valeo. These collaborations have enabled C2A Security to align with regulatory standards and best practices, essential for companies pioneering new vehicle technologies and infrastructure.

## Importance of Automated Security Platforms
Roy Fridman, CEO of C2A Security, emphasizes the critical role of automated product security platforms like EVSec in addressing the challenges posed by current and emerging regulatory demands. He cites a case from late 2023 where a premium car manufacturer halted sales of a popular model in the European Union due to non-compliance, highlighting the competitive necessity for advanced security automation in product development and operations.

## C2A Security’s Position in the Market
Founded in 2016 by NDS/Cisco veteran Michael Dick and headquartered in Jerusalem, Israel, C2A Security positions itself as a leading provider of risk-driven DevSecOps platforms tailored for the automotive industry. The company serves a global market, including major players like Daimler Truck AG, BMW Group, Siemens, and Valeo, offering solutions that transform cybersecurity from a limitation to a value multiplier.

## Key Points
– C2A Security’s EVSec platform addresses the cybersecurity compliance challenges faced by the automotive industry.
– The platform offers automation, collaboration, and continuous feedback mechanisms for enhanced security in software development.
– Partnerships with industry leaders have expanded C2A Security’s customer base and market presence.
– Automated security platforms like EVSec are crucial for meeting regulatory demands and enhancing competitiveness.
– C2A Security’s focus on risk-driven DevSecOps solutions positions it as a key player in the automotive cybersecurity market.

In summary, C2A Security’s EVSec platform is gaining prominence in the automotive industry as a solution for regulatory compliance and enhanced cybersecurity in software development and operations. The company’s strategic partnerships and focus on automation highlight its commitment to addressing the evolving challenges of cybersecurity in the automotive sector.

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