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Extending Sophos Endpoint protection with threat detection and response – Sophos News

is a comprehensive solution offered by Sophos that extends the defense capabilities of Sophos Endpoint customers against sophisticated human-led attacks. It allows users to detect and respond to suspicious activity on their Sophos-protected endpoints and wider environment before active adversaries can cause harm.

Sophos XDR leverages data from both Sophos and third-party technologies, including endpoint, firewall, identity, network security, productivity, email protection, and cloud. This provides visibility across all key attack surfaces and equips users with the necessary information and tools to investigate and neutralize threats.

Recent enhancements to Sophos XDR offer even more reasons to upgrade from Sophos Endpoint. These enhancements include AI-powered detections for instant visibility of suspicious activity, simple SQL-less search capabilities for quick threat hunting, automatically created cases and prioritized detections for easy investigation, and improved case management tools and response actions for efficient threat neutralization.

Sophos XDR also features powerful Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) capabilities, allowing for detailed security analysis and investigation. It provides access to out-of-the-box queries and a simple search tool with up to 90 days of user and application activity data. Additionally, users can remotely access endpoints and servers for investigation and remediation using the secure Live Response command line tool.

By upgrading to Sophos XDR, users can extend visibility beyond the endpoint and increase insights into evasive threats across all attack surfaces. This can be achieved by connecting additional solutions and technologies seamlessly with the XDR platform, including a portfolio of Sophos solutions and third-party integrations.

The upgrade process from Sophos Endpoint to Sophos XDR is simple and does not require the installation of new agents. Users can assign the XDR software to their devices and turn on data-lake uploading using the Sophos Central management console.

Sophos XDR has received recognition from industry experts and customers alike. It has been recognized as a leader in extended detection and response by Gartner, named a leader in the G2 Grid for XDR, and established as the sole leader in Omdia’s vendor comparison for Comprehensive XDR. Additionally, it has delivered exceptional results in the MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK Evaluations.

To elevate defenses against active adversaries, organizations can upgrade to Sophos XDR. To learn more or start a free trial, users can speak with a Sophos adviser or their Sophos partner, or initiate a trial directly from the Sophos Central console.

Key points:
– Sophos XDR extends defense capabilities against human-led attacks.
– It provides visibility and tools to detect and respond to threats.
– Recent enhancements offer improved detection, investigation, and response capabilities.
– Sophos XDR includes powerful EDR capabilities for detailed security analysis.
– Visibility can be extended beyond the endpoint through additional solutions and third-party integrations.
– The upgrade process is simple and does not require new agents.
– Sophos XDR has received recognition from industry experts.
– Organizations can elevate their defenses against active adversaries by upgrading to Sophos XDR.

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