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Female Perspectives on Forging Careers Into Cyber – Sophos News

The Tech Trailblazers series of videos features women in the cybersecurity industry sharing their experiences and offering advice to those considering a career in tech. These videos provide firsthand accounts of their journeys into the field, the challenges and rewards they have encountered, and the advice they would give to other women interested in pursuing a career in tech.

In the first video, Christina Nairn, Director of Marketing, explains why she has chosen to stay in tech for nearly 20 years. She highlights the energy, pace, and incredible advancements that make the industry unmatched.

Colleen Hazelwood, Director of IT Business Operations, emphasizes the ever-evolving nature of her job and the importance of maintaining relationships. She encourages others to hold on to relationships, cultivate them, and stay in touch as they can lead to new opportunities.

Ebony Foreman, Senior Technical Project Manager in Cybersecurity, urges women not to be afraid to explore tech, emphasizing that it is for everyone and their unique perspectives matter. She encourages curiosity, asking questions, and continuous learning.

Kelsie Dube, Senior Manager of Marketing, shares that her career growth has come from being a learner. She advises others to ask for more projects and take on additional responsibilities to drive their own careers.

Linda Smith, Incident Response Lead in MTR Services, discusses her transition from being a computer engineer to a detective in a technological crime unit. She explains how this led her to pursue a career in cybersecurity, obtaining certifications in ethical hacking and digital forensics.

Lastly, Sejal Singh, Team Lead in Software Development, shares her realization that she thrives on connecting people, supporting others, and improving the overall workflow of software development. She discovered these skills as she progressed in her career as a software developer.

The Tech Trailblazers videos are just one example of the inclusive culture at Sophos, with the Women in Technology Network being a part of the company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. To learn more about Sophos’ networks and current job opportunities, visit their careers website.

Key points:
– The Tech Trailblazers series features women in cybersecurity sharing their experiences and advice.
– Christina Nairn highlights the energy, pace, and advancements that make tech unmatched.
– Colleen Hazelwood emphasizes the ever-evolving nature of her job and the importance of maintaining relationships.
– Ebony Foreman encourages women to explore tech, be curious, ask questions, and never stop learning.
– Kelsie Dube advises others to take on more projects and responsibilities to drive their own careers.
– Linda Smith shares her transition from computer engineering to a career in cybersecurity.
– Sejal Singh thrives on connecting people and improving software development workflows.
– Sophos is committed to diversity and inclusion through networks like the Women in Technology Network.

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