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Five Cybersecurity Predictions for 2024


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In this article, Sharon Wagner, the CEO of Cybersixgill, discusses the top cybersecurity trends predicted for 2024. One of the key trends identified is the evolution of AI and its accessibility in the field of cybersecurity. AI is expected to become more reliable and diverse in its applications, while concerns about data privacy and regulation are also likely to increase.

Another significant trend highlighted is the use of AI as both an attack tool and a target. Threat actors are predicted to leverage AI to automate cyberattacks and create more sophisticated phishing campaigns. At the same time, vulnerabilities in AI models may be exploited, leading to the compromise of sensitive information and network security.

Tighter regulations and cybersecurity mandates are expected to hold C-suite executives and board members accountable for maintaining proper cybersecurity measures. Companies will need to prioritize vulnerability management and risk mitigation, with evidence-based data becoming crucial in decision-making processes.

The need for proactive cybersecurity and tool consolidation will emphasize the importance of cyber threat intelligence (CTI) in critical business decision-making. As organizations adopt a holistic approach to cybersecurity, CTI will play a key role in providing focused insights to mitigate risks and strengthen cyber hygiene.

Lastly, the article predicts that geopolitical issues and motivations beyond financial gain will broaden the scope of cyberattacks. Essential services such as schools, hospitals, and public utilities may become targets as threat actors seek to gain power and influence. Additionally, cybercriminals may offer their services for hire, further spreading the reach of their malicious activities.

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tag is a fundamental element in HTML that allows for the organization and structure of webpage content. The article highlights key cybersecurity trends for 2024, including the evolution of AI, the use of AI as an attack tool, tighter regulations and accountability, the need for proactive cybersecurity, and the broadening motivations of cyber attackers. These trends reflect the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity and the importance of staying ahead of emerging threats.

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