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Freecycle users told to change passwords after data breach • Graham Cluley

Freecycle, an online community that promotes the sharing of unwanted items, has recently experienced a data breach, prompting the site to advise its users to change their passwords. Despite being a member of Freecycle, I only became aware of the breach through an announcement on the site, as I have not received any direct notification. The breach, which occurred on August 30th, compromised usernames, User IDs, email addresses, and hashed passwords. However, there is no information available regarding the hashing algorithm used or whether the passwords were salted. Freecycle has provided instructions on its knowledgebase for users to change their passwords. It is recommended that users not only change their Freecycle password but also ensure that they are not using the same password for other online accounts. Using unique passwords and password management software can help enhance security. Additionally, users should be cautious of potential phishing emails requesting further information. Following these precautions can help protect against cyber threats.

Key points:
1. Freecycle has advised users to change their passwords following a data breach.
2. The breach compromised usernames, User IDs, email addresses, and hashed passwords.
3. It is unknown which hashing algorithm was used or if passwords were salted.
4. Instructions for changing passwords are available on the Freecycle knowledgebase.
5. Users should avoid reusing passwords and consider using password management software for enhanced security.

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