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Friday Squid Blogging: On the Ugliness of Squid Fishing

The article titled “Friday Squid Blogging: On the Ugliness of Squid Fishing” delves into the unattractive aspects of squid fishing and the broader seafood industry. The scene on a squid ship is described as bustling, bright, and messy, resembling a mechanic’s garage where an oil change has gone awry. Fishing lines, each equipped with specialized hooks operated by automated reels, extend into the water. When a squid is pulled on board, it releases warm, viscous ink that coats the walls and floors. Deep-sea squid, known for their high levels of ammonia used for buoyancy, emanate a distinct smell. The arduous labor primarily takes place at night, with hundreds of large light bulbs enticing the squid to surface. The blinding glow of these bulbs creates an otherworldly ambiance in the surrounding darkness. The article concludes by inviting readers to discuss security stories that have not been covered. The author also provides a link to his blog posting guidelines.

In terms of key points, the article highlights the chaotic and messy conditions on a squid ship during fishing operations. It emphasizes the presence of specialized hooks operated by automated reels and the squid’s tendency to release warm, viscous ink upon capture. The article also mentions the high levels of ammonia found in deep-sea squid and the resulting smell that permeates the ship. The labor-intensive nature of squid fishing is emphasized, particularly during the night shift, and the role of large light bulbs in attracting squid to the surface is described. Lastly, the article encourages readers to engage in discussions about security stories that have not been covered, providing a link to the author’s blog guidelines.

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