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Godfather of AI quits Google to save the world

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Geoffrey Hinton, the Godfather of AI, has announced his resignation from Google to raise concerns about the development of AI technology and its potential misuse by political leaders or hackers. Hinton shares the same concern as Tesla Chief Elon Musk and expressed regrets over his life’s work, which has led to the intensification of the Silicon Valley civil war, particularly between Microsoft and Twitter.

Hinton is concerned about AI chatbots becoming super intelligent and surpassing human minds. He also warns about the possibility of AI-powered robots being used in wars, such as Russia’s potential introduction of such robots in the Ukraine conflict. The National Cyber Security Centre has also raised concerns about pro-Russian hackers potentially launching an AI-powered cyber attack to disrupt the upcoming Eurovision song contest.

The Eurovision organizers are worried about the voting system being targeted by hacktivists in retaliation for last year’s winner announcement, where Ukraine was declared the winner. The British security forces have already issued a tip-off to neutralize the potential cyber attack.

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