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“Grab hold and give it a wiggle” – ATM card skimming is still a thing – Naked Security

Card skimmers have taken a backseat in recent years as cybercrime stories focus on ransomware, the darkweb, and supply-chain attacks. Ransomware attacks allow criminals to extract payoffs online, using technologies like the darkweb and cryptocoins. Supply-chain attacks target third parties that regularly handle precious data, allowing criminals to bypass their victims’ networks. In contrast, card skimming is a more direct crime, where criminals steal private information from bank cards at the moment they are used. Skimmers not only steal data stored on the card but also the PIN used for authentication. ATMs are a popular target for skimming due to their design and the presence of hidden cameras. Well-lit bank lobbies can also be prime locations for skimmers. Despite the rise of other cybercrimes, ATM skimming is still prevalent, as evidenced by recent arrests in Australia. To protect yourself, inspect ATM hardware closely, cover the keypad when entering your PIN, and be vigilant of any suspicious parts or devices.

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