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Hackers launched a DDoS Attack against CheckPoint and anticipate to target it again

Cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly common due to the rise of digital data and information storage. A recent example of this was an attack launched by a group of Hackers claiming to be Palestinians, called Anonymous Sudan, on an Israel-based cybersecurity company called Check Point. The hackers stated they were launching a stronger version of a similar attack on April 7th of this year and hoped to take down the website completely.

Fortunately, Check Point was able to quickly assess its security practices and had the strongest measures in place to protect its IT assets from a significant attack. As a result, the website returned to normalcy after a short while of hiatus and released a press update to assure the public that the web portal was well protected from such denial-of-service attacks. Additionally, there were multiple other websites belonging to universities that were affected by the attack.

These types of cyber-attacks can be extremely damaging and it is important to stay proactive in staying secure against them. Check Point showed that they had the best security practices in place and were able to protect their IT infrastructure from the attack. It is advised that all companies that store sensitive data and information take the same precautions as Check Point and ensure they are taking all the necessary steps to protect their data and websites.

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