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How Compliance Automation Can Transform Your Next Audit

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Compliance automation is a software solution that replaces manual spreadsheet-driven processes with automation to continuously monitor security controls 24/7, cover all on-premises systems, cloud service providers, and SaaS vendors, automatically address minor compliance issues, generate alerts for issues that require staff attention, and produce reports to document continuous compliance.

Automation streamlines the auditing process, improves compliance and security posture, and increases the productivity of compliance programs. With continuous monitoring and evidence collection, all the necessary information for audits is already in one place. Automating evidence collection and control monitoring takes compliance from point in time to continuous compliance, proactively addressing compliance gaps and streamlining the audit process to respond accurately and completely to any request.

When choosing a compliance partner, consider their focus on the audit process, control configurability, support for compliance frameworks, native integrations and open APIs, user-friendly compliance journeys, and reputation. Drata’s compliance automation platform offers 75+ integrations, a library of 500+ controls across your tech stack, user-friendly dashboards, alerts, and reports, and a pre-vetted directory of independent auditors.


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