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How many cryptographers does it take to change a light bulb? – Naked Security

In this comprehensive article, the Naked Security podcast discusses various tech-related topics, with Doug Aamoth and Paul Ducklin providing their insights and opinions. The article begins with a humorous exchange between Doug and Paul about their representation of an interrogation mark. They then move on to discuss Miss Manners, an advice columnist who addressed the issue of typing personal correspondence on a personal computer in 1984. Miss Manners advised against using computers for personal correspondence, as the recipient might mistake the letter for a sweepstakes entry.

The podcast hosts then delve into the topic of WinRAR bugs. WinRAR was a popular tool for collating and reconstructing archives in the past. However, two bugs have been discovered in the software. One bug involves an out-of-bounds write, which can lead to security issues. The other bug allows wrong files to be opened when a user double-clicks on an item in a specially crafted archive. The hosts advise WinRAR users to patch their software to protect against these bugs.

Moving on, the article discusses a bug discovered by researchers that tricks iPhone users into thinking their device is in Airplane mode while mobile data remains turned on. The researchers found that they could make the airplane icon turn orange, indicating Airplane mode, while still keeping the mobile data connection active in the background. This raises concerns about the reliability of visual indicators provided by operating systems, highlighting the importance of verifying connectivity through other means.

Lastly, the article explores the vulnerabilities of smart devices, particularly smart light bulbs. When setting up these devices, users often connect to the device’s access point and provide their Wi-Fi password. However, researchers have discovered that smart light bulbs can potentially expose users’ password secrets. This highlights the need for users to be cautious when setting up smart devices and ensure they are taking necessary security measures.

Overall, this comprehensive article covers various tech-related topics discussed in the Naked Security podcast, providing insights and updates on WinRAR bugs, iPhone Airplane mode vulnerability, and smart device security issues.

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