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How to protect kids on Google Android devices from Cyber Threats

Children worldwide are increasingly using mobile phones and tablets, which expose them to cyber threats. However, there are ways parents can protect their children from these threats. Google has introduced a parental control application called ‘Family Link’ that allows parents to limit their child’s screen time. Google also provides account controls that allow parents to set up two-factor authentication and device encryption for added protection. All Android devices now come equipped with a Safety Check feature, which allows children to contact emergency contacts if they feel unsafe and automatically share their location. For those less tech-savvy, accessing parental controls is simple through the Google Play Store. Overall, parents have the tools and resources to safeguard their children from online threats.

Key points:
1. Mobile phones and tablets expose children to cyber threats.
2. Google’s ‘Family Link’ app allows parents to limit screen time.
3. Google provides account controls for added security.
4. Android devices have a Safety Check feature for emergency situations.
5. Parental controls are easily accessible through the Google Play Store.

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