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How to Stop Ransomware

How to stop Ransomware

If you’re one of the millions of people worldwide who’s been affected by a malware infection, you’ve probably noticed a sudden spike in how much your computer is being asked to pay to remove the virus. There’s a good reason for this: in many cases, the removal program you use isn’t able to actually remove the infection once it’s on your system. This article will explain why you should never purchase anti-virus software that can only be removed after a hard disk crash or a program has crashed.

What Is Ransomware?

Ransomeware is a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system or specific files on a computer system until a sum of money is paid.

How to manage Ransomware?

The main reason why you need to be able to remove your ransomware infection on your own is because the infected files are continually being re-infected onto your system. This means that it’s virtually impossible for the removal program to keep running on your PC. In addition, if you try and delete any files from your computer using the wrong method – such as deleting the files by pressing the F5 button, then trying to re-install them afterwards – then the chances are they’ll be re-infected again.

How Does Ransomware Work?

There are a number of vectors ransomware can take to access a computer. One of the most common delivery systems is phishing spam — attachments that come to the victim in an email, masquerading as a file they should trust. Once they’re downloaded and opened, they can take over the victim’s computer, especially if they have built-in social engineering tools that trick users into allowing administrative access. Some other, more aggressive forms of ransomware, like NotPetva, exploit security holes to infect computers without needing to trick users. Originally featured here.

How to prevent ransomware

One way to prevent this is by using an anti-virus program that’s capable of removing both the ransomware programs, as well as the other programs that have been installed on your computer. There are a number of advanced antivirus tools which are sophisticated spyware applications, and the software uses these skills to detect and remove all the infections that have been placed onto your system. It works by scanning through every file that is currently on your PC and then deleting each of the infected parts that it finds. Not only does this remove the actual infection, but it also destroys any settings & data that were inside it.

Ransomware is able to remove this infection without harming any of the important files & settings that your computer requires to run. Unlike most of the similar products on the market, it can work to remove all the infections that have been placed onto your system without any loss of your personal information. You can also expect to see a huge reduction in the amount of time that it takes for it to work. Ransomware removal software normally takes around 10 minutes for the best results – and the vast majority of users will find that it can remove this infection in half that time.

The problem with most anti-virus tools is that they either do not do a good enough job of removing malware from your PC – meaning that even if you have a working anti-virus program, you could still end up infecting your system with a ransomware infection. Sigma Cyber Security select advanced software solutions which use special algorithms to scan through your computer and identify any infections.

The very best ransomware solutions also offer backup solutions, so that if your computer or system does get infected you won’t lose any data.

Ransomware security software is not normally installed on your PC or laptop, it work by scanning through the system periodically and identifying any potential vulnerabilities in terms of files and their authority and other settings. For most setups you will run the ransomware security software in the background and it will automatically remove the infected files from your machine in a few minutes time.

Once you’ve downloaded the software and installed it on your PC, then all you need to do is to allow it to run. It will perform a scan every time you boot up your computer and will remove all the files from your system, which are known to have been infected with this malware.

Sigma Cyber Security provide an offer a number of different ransomware solutions to our clients depending on their cirumstances. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your ransomware requirements.

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