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Hunters fully adopts OCSF and introduces OCSF-Native Search.

# Hunters Embraces Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework for Enhanced Security Operations

## Introduction
Hunters, a leading modern SOC platform provider, has announced its full adoption of the Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF) along with the launch of innovative OCSF-native search capabilities. This strategic move highlights Hunters’ dedication to standardizing and improving cybersecurity operations through open, integrated data sharing frameworks.

## Democratizing Security Operations with OCSF
The adoption of OCSF by Hunters aims to provide a unified language across cybersecurity tools, simplifying data integration and analysis workflows. This adoption promotes enhanced collaboration among cybersecurity professionals, breaking down vendor lock-ins and data silos, and revolutionizing threat hunting and investigation.

### Benefits of Adopting OCSF
– Streamlined operations and enhanced collaboration
– Breaking vendor lock-in and data silos
– Revolutionizing threat hunting and investigation
– Accelerating AI and Gen-AI in security

## OCSF-native Search Functionality: A Game-Changer in Cybersecurity Analytics
Hunters introduces OCSF-native search functionality, designed to streamline search processes across diverse data formats and environments. This technology revolutionizes event and object-based searching, democratizes data analysis, enhances entity investigation workflows, and provides a timeline-based approach for security analysis.

### Key Features of OCSF-native Search
– Event and object-based searching
– Democratizing data analysis
– Entity investigation curated workflows
– Timeline experience for security analysis

## Contributing to the Community – OCSF Mapping
In addition to the product release, Hunters is contributing to the cybersecurity community by sharing one hundred mappings of security logs to the OCSF schema. This contribution demonstrates their commitment to fostering an open and collaborative environment within the cybersecurity industry.

## Summary
The adoption of OCSF and the launch of OCSF-native search functionality by Hunters represent significant milestones in their mission to innovate and automate cybersecurity analytics and operations. By embracing open standards and providing powerful search capabilities, Hunters are not only advancing their platform but also contributing to a more interconnected, efficient, and effective cybersecurity ecosystem.

**Key Points:**
– Hunters adopts OCSF for standardized cybersecurity operations
– OCSF-native search revolutionizes cybersecurity analytics
– Contribution to the community with OCSF mappings
– Advancing cybersecurity operations through open standards and enhanced search capabilities

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