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Insider Risk: Unconventional Thoughts and Lessons Learned

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However, when discussing

in a corporate context, the focus often shifts towards insider risks such as fraud, misuse, or social engineering exploitation. With the recent economic slowdown and digital asset market volatility, other lesser-known aspects of insider risks have surfaced.

One such aspect is the security of critical information that is often stored in the brains of a small group of individuals who propel the entire endeavor forward. If this information is not properly documented and accessible, it can lead to chaos and even catastrophic consequences if a key individual departs or is unavailable when something fails.

Another critical aspect is the protection of intellectual property and institutional knowledge, which can disappear overnight if a company relies on a single person’s knowledge to keep things going. With the current trend of staff lay-offs and downsizing, it is crucial for companies to plan ahead and implement defenses against disappearing institutional knowledge.

To avoid common pitfalls and build a successful technology-enabled business, leaders must plan to protect intellectual property and institutional knowledge from the beginning. They must secure what is valuable from day one with an eye to both external and internal risks, and test controls and protocols frequently to ensure they are not circumvented.

In conclusion, while

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