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Introducing the next phase of 5G

The article discusses the future of 5G technology, highlighting its expansion into emerging markets, its adaptation to evolving digital behaviors, and the development of 5G-Advanced. It also emphasizes the promising outlook of 5G, citing its impact on productivity, economic growth, digital access, consumer services, and sustainability. Overall, the article provides a comprehensive overview of the potential of 5G technology.

Key Points:
1. 5G is expanding into emerging markets with networks planned in Turkey and southern Africa, and it is expected that over half of mobile connections will be via 5G by 2030.
2. The evolving digital behaviors of businesses and consumers are driving the demand for 5G, as existing networks struggle to cope with the growing volume of data traffic.
3. The development of 5G-Advanced, a step towards 6G, will enable improved support for extended reality technology, AI-driven network efficiency, and multicast services for mission-critical group communications.
4. 5G-Advanced IoT solutions will account for a significant share of 5G connections, fueling adoption by businesses with varying degrees of capital and bridging the digital divide through Satellite 5G.
5. The rollout of 5G has already resulted in a shift in mobile technology usage and provides benefits such as enhanced integration with drone and satellite technology, higher productivity, better digital access, and new opportunities for a sustainable world.

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