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It’s Never Too Soon to Begin Thinking About Your 2024 Cybersecurity Journey

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In the provided article, John Spiegel, Director of Strategy and Field CTO at Axis Security, discusses the trends and areas to consider investing time and resources in for the year 2024. He highlights three key areas: Artificial Intelligence (AI), zero-trust networking (ZTN), and Security Service Edge (SSE).

Regarding AI, Spiegel advises looking for opportunities where AI can help reduce operational burden and lower the requirements for highly compensated network security engineers. He suggests leveraging AI-enabled “digital co-pilots” and chatbot interfaces to troubleshoot network and security events, thus allowing high-end talent to focus on revenue-generating projects or reducing business risk.

In terms of ZTN, Spiegel emphasizes the importance of adopting a zero-trust security strategy in the era of distributed IT. He recommends thinking holistically about applying the framework to remote employees, campus networks, branch networks, and WAN networks. He advises aligning with vendors’ roadmaps, setting priorities, and involving finance teams in the planning process to ensure a smooth transition.

Lastly, Spiegel discusses the significance of SSE in securing remote work and retaining top talent. He suggests replacing legacy VPN technology with SSE’s software-based solutions delivered from the cloud. This approach offers speed and security for remote workers while providing insights into their application experiences. He recommends starting with a 3rd party or contractor use case to limit access and reduce the attack surface.

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element is a fundamental building block in web development, allowing for the organization and styling of content. John Spiegel’s insights on AI, ZTN, and SSE provide valuable guidance for businesses looking to invest in these areas in 2024.

Key Points:
1. The

element is used to create containers and organize content on webpages.
2. AI can help reduce operational burden and provide operational intelligence for network and security teams.
3. Zero-trust networking is essential in the era of distributed IT to ensure security across all networks.
4. SSE offers a software-based solution to secure remote work and enhance the work experience.
5. Investing in AI, ZTN, and SSE can help businesses stay ahead and address emerging challenges.

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