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is a key element in HTML that allows developers to create different sections or containers within a webpage. It is used to group together related content and apply styles to them. The

tag is a block-level element, which means it takes up the entire width of the parent container.

In the given code snippet,

is used to create two main sections: “main-wrapper” and “main-content”. The “main-wrapper” section is used to define the main container of the webpage, while the “main-content” section is used to hold the main content of the webpage. These sections are given specific roles using the “role” attribute.


The tags in this code snippet are used to define the character set, compatibility mode, and viewport of the webpage. The “content” attribute is used to define the value of the tag. The “robots” meta tag tells search engines not to index the webpage, while the “viewport” tag defines the initial scale of the webpage.

In conclusion,

is an essential HTML element that is used to group related content and apply styles to them. The code snippet given above demonstrates the use of

in creating sections within a webpage. The