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Logicalis improves global security services with new Intelligent Security offering.

# Logicalis Launches Intelligent Security: A Blueprint Approach to Proactive Advanced Security

## Introduction
Logicalis, a global technology service provider, has unveiled its Intelligent Security, a comprehensive approach to its global security portfolio. This initiative aims to deliver proactive advanced security solutions to customers worldwide.

## Key Features of Intelligent Security
– **Designed by Security Specialists:** Intelligent Security has been crafted by Logicalis’ team of security experts to provide customers with the most comprehensive observability and protection against cyber threats.
– **Global Portfolio:** The Intelligent Security global portfolio offers a range of services including advisory, secure workplace, secure connectivity, secure hybrid cloud, and secure operations.
– **Investments in Cyber Skills:** Logicalis is making key investments in cyber skills and capabilities to strengthen its position as a global leader in security services.

## Partnerships and Achievements
– **Collaboration with Cisco:** Logicalis is partnering with Cisco to develop a Cyber Academy and pipeline cybersecurity graduates.
– **Microsoft-verified Partner Status:** The company has achieved Microsoft-verified Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) Partner Status.
– **Cisco Powered Intelligent Connectivity:** Logicalis has launched Cisco Powered Intelligent Connectivity, focused on zero-trust security.

## Conclusion
Logicalis’ Intelligent Security, supported by the Digital Fabric Platform, offers CIOs deeper insights and recommendations to enhance their digital ecosystem performance. With a surge in demand for Managed Security services, Logicalis is committed to providing AI-ready Managed Security solutions with governance and SOC protection globally.

## Key Points
– Logicalis launches Intelligent Security, a proactive security approach.
– The global portfolio includes advisory, secure workplace, secure connectivity, secure hybrid cloud, and secure operations services.
– Partnerships with Cisco and Microsoft enhance Logicalis’ security capabilities.
– Investments in cyber skills and achievements in Microsoft-verified Partner Status and Cisco Powered Intelligent Connectivity demonstrate Logicalis’ commitment to security.
– Intelligent Security, underpinned by the Digital Fabric Platform, provides holistic security solutions for CIOs in the era of AI.

In summary, Logicalis’ Intelligent Security initiative showcases the company’s dedication to providing comprehensive and proactive security solutions to customers globally. Through strategic partnerships, investments in cyber skills, and cutting-edge achievements, Logicalis is positioned as a leader in the security services industry.

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