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Microsoft 38TB AI Data Leak details

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In July 2020, Microsoft launched its dedicated Artificial Intelligence (AI) research division, which initially aimed to utilize vast datasets for its search engine. However, the recent discovery by security researchers from WIZ has highlighted the vulnerability of even tech giants in safeguarding user data.

The incident began when a Microsoft employee shared a URL link on GitHub, leading to the discovery of a Misconfigured Azure Blob storage repository by security researchers at WIZ. Within this repository, terabytes of sensitive data from platforms like MS Teams, Docker, and Slack were found, along with confidential information from hundreds of employees.

Although Microsoft confirmed that no user data was compromised in this incident, it serves as a wake-up call for the company to strengthen its data protection measures. The source of the leak is believed to be an insider within Microsoft, either unintentionally or motivated by personal grievances.

According to a source on Telegram, the employee shared Account SAS tokens with Wiz researchers, but the extent of their usage remains uncertain. Microsoft has clarified that the exposed data mainly consists of backups of former employee workstations and messages involving a few employees and their colleagues. The company is actively investigating the incident and assures the public that the accessed information has not been misused.

It is important to note that this incident is unrelated to the recently identified Peach Sandstorm threat actor, also known as HOLMIUM. HOLMIUM is an Iranian state-funded group that targets companies in the Space, Defense, and Pharma sectors through password spraying campaigns.

In conclusion, the

tag is a fundamental element in web development that helps structure and organize content on a webpage. The recent data leak incident at Microsoft serves as a reminder that even tech giants can face security vulnerabilities. It emphasizes the importance of robust data protection measures and the need for constant vigilance to safeguard user information.

Key Points:
– The

tag is a versatile HTML element used to create divisions or containers on a webpage.
– Microsoft’s AI research division, launched in 2020, aimed to utilize vast datasets for its search engine.
– A recent data leak incident at Microsoft exposed sensitive data from platforms like MS Teams and Docker.
– The leak serves as a reminder for tech giants to strengthen their data protection measures.
– The incident is believed to be caused by an insider within Microsoft, and investigations are ongoing.
– No user data was compromised, but the incident highlights the need for constant vigilance in data security.
– The incident is unrelated to the Peach Sandstorm threat actor, a state-funded group targeting various sectors.
– The

tag remains a crucial element in web development for organizing and structuring content.

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