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Most commonly used PINs putting smart phones to cyber risks

As smartphones become a necessity for the modern day, it is important to ensure the safety of these devices by having a secure passcode. While the most common PIN used on mobile phones is 1234, other easily guessable PINs such as 1111, 0000, 9999, and 1212, as well as 6-digit passcodes such as 123456, 654321, 111111, and 000000, should be avoided. According to research, 26% of devices using these passcodes were easily hacked in just three years.

Therefore, it is important for mobile phone users to choose a secure passcode that is also easy to remember but difficult for hackers to guess. It is recommended to use an alpha-numeric passcode or even set up biometric authentication to access their phone data.

In conclusion, it is essential to have a secure passcode on mobile phones to protect data from fraudulent access. The most commonly used PINs should be avoided and an alpha-numeric passcode or biometric authentication should be used instead. By having a secure passcode, users can protect their phone data from being stolen.

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