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Navigating a manic malware maelstrom – Naked Security

The Naked Security podcast is back with another episode, and Doug Aamoth and Paul Ducklin are ready to discuss the latest cybercrime news. In this episode, they cover a range of topics, from Apple updates to an attack on a source code repository. They also dive into some crime updates, including the US offering a $10 million bounty for a Russian ransomware suspect and a phone scamming kingpin getting 13 years for running the “iSpoof” service.

As always, the podcast starts with a cheery introduction and a segment called “This Week in Tech History.” This week’s edition covers the birth of Ethernet, a technology proposed by researcher Robert Metcalfe in 1973. Doug and Paul also discuss the latest crime news, including the US government’s efforts to track down a Russian ransomware suspect and the sentencing of Tejay Fletcher, the mastermind behind the iSpoof service.

The hosts highlight the severity of the crimes committed by these cybercriminals, including attacks on law enforcement and other government agencies, hospitals, and schools. They also stress the importance of protecting your organization against ransomware attacks and offer tips on how to do so effectively. One useful tip is to maintain regular backups, as recovering from backups is typically cheaper and more effective than paying a ransom.

Finally, Doug and Paul shed light on the marketing tactics used by cybercriminals like Tejay Fletcher. The iSpoof service, for example, had a public-facing website with a professional marketing video that promised anonymity to its customers. However, this anonymity was illusory, as the police were able to track down Fletcher and his accomplices. The hosts emphasize the importance of staying vigilant and never letting your guard down when it comes to phone scams and other types of cybercrime.

Overall, the Naked Security podcast provides an informative and entertaining look at the latest cybercrime news. Doug and Paul’s banter keeps the conversation light, while their insights and tips offer valuable advice for staying safe in an increasingly digital world.

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