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NCSC warns all British Law firms against ransomware attacks

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) of UK has issued a warning to all law firms operating in Britain and European Union to step-up their security capabilities against ongoing ransomware attacks.
Cyber criminals have launched around 7 file encrypting malware attacks to siphon data from almost 13 laws firms across the world in a span of just 3 months.
A notorious gang from Russia took a step forward by releasing the stolen info related to 60 court cases from the database of Tuckers Solicitors onto the dark web.
NCSC reiterated in the threat report that lawyers dealing with cases related to human rights and software abuse should stay extra cautious in storing and accessing the data as it can become a victim to spying eyes.
If at all they fall prey to double extortion or triple extortion campaigns, they should instead stay resilient by containing the incident and rely on backups, also contact the law enforcement to do the needful.

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