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New SLP Vulnerability to play catalyst to 2000x DDoS attacks

Vulnerabilities are a common threat to the security of organizations and can lead to serious consequences if exploited. The recent CVE-2023-29552 vulnerability is no exception. Discovered by researchers from BitSight and Curesec, this flaw could expose over 2,000 organizations and 54,000 SLP instances to a severe Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.

The security researchers issued an immediate alert to 700 product types, including Planex Routers, IBM Integrated Management Module, SMC IPMI, Konica Minolta Printers, and Vmware ESXi Hypervisors. According to the report, the exposed organizations to vulnerable SLP Instances could be from 10 countries- USA, UK, Japan, Germany, Canada, France, Italy, Brazil, and Netherlands along with Spain.

The biggest DDoS attack including those that exploited this vulnerability are known to have reached up to 2.54tbps, according to the analysis of Cloudflare. AWS also experienced a similar attack in February 2020, with incoming traffic reaching a rate of 2.3 TB per second. Although such attacks do not exceed 10 Gbps rate per second, they can still be disruptive, making websites and applications unavailable for 12-15 hours.

To sum it up, the CVE-2023-29552 vulnerability has the potential to cause serious disruption and compromise the security of over 2,000 organizations and 54,000 SLP instances, if exploited. It is important for these organizations to take immediate steps to protect themselves and prevent such attacks.

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