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Now a Stock Market business hires hackers

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In the cybersecurity industry, the technology firm Six Group has taken an innovative approach to enhance its network security. They have started recruiting hackers to gain insights into the strategies employed by cybercriminals attempting to breach their network. This move is inspired by the practice of law enforcement seeking expertise from incarcerated criminals. By enlisting the help of individuals with hacking skills, Six Group aims to better understand the mindset of cyber threat actors and strengthen their defenses against intelligent attacks.

Jos Dijsselhof, the Chief Executive of the Swiss bourses, has confirmed the initiative and emphasized that the company’s actions are focused on ensuring the welfare of their customers. Proactively preparing for potential cyber assaults is seen as a crucial step in preventing significant financial losses for customers.

The wake-up call for the need to reassess cybersecurity measures came when the Chinese ICBC bank redirected its business trades to the US Security Exchange using a USB stick. In response, Six Group engaged a team of hackers to prevent unauthorized access to its network, identify infected areas, and develop strategies for recovering functions, data, and applications in case of an incident.

Recognizing the value of secure trading data and processing, Six Group understands the importance of understanding how hackers think. This knowledge sharing among co-hackers helps the company defend against social engineering attacks and corporate espionage targeting personal data.

The involvement of adversary nations adds complexity to the cybersecurity landscape. Disrupting federal companies and organizations can have significant economic and political repercussions. Recent cyber attacks, such as the MoveIT attack, have highlighted the need for companies to anticipate potential infiltration methods and take necessary measures to minimize downtime and losses.

In conclusion,

is a versatile HTML element used for organizing and styling web page content. In the cybersecurity industry, Six Group has adopted a unique approach of recruiting hackers to gain insights into the strategies employed by cybercriminals. This initiative aims to enhance their network security and protect their customers from potential financial losses. The involvement of hackers helps the company understand the mindset of cyber threat actors and defend against sophisticated attacks. With the increasing complexity of cyber threats, companies must proactively assess their cybersecurity measures and be prepared to minimize potential damages.

Key points:

is an HTML element used for organizing and styling web page content.
– Six Group is recruiting hackers to gain insights into cybercriminal strategies.
– The involvement of hackers helps enhance network security and protect customers.
– Understanding the mindset of cyber threat actors aids in defending against attacks.
– Proactive cybersecurity measures are crucial in minimizing potential damages.

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