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NSA newsletters revealed: Schneier reports on declassified security updates.

# Declassified NSA Newsletters

## Introduction
In a surprising turn of events, a 2010 FOIA request has finally yielded copies of the NSA’s KRYPTOS Society Newsletter, titled “Tales of the Krypt,” spanning from 1994 to 2003. The 800 pages of newsletter contain a wealth of information, albeit heavily redacted. One of the notable features is a review of Bruce Schneier’s book, “Applied Cryptography,” which sheds light on the author’s approach to the subject.

## Bruce Schneier’s “Applied Cryptography” Review
The review of “Applied Cryptography” in the NSA newsletters provides a critical analysis of Bruce Schneier’s work. While acknowledging the book’s comprehensive coverage of cryptography topics, the reviewer points out several inaccuracies and errors in Schneier’s explanations. Despite its value as a reference work, the book falls short in terms of accuracy and reliability, according to the review.

## Newsletter Highlights
Apart from the book review, the declassified newsletters also include intriguing sections such as the annual Kryptos Kristmas Kwiz, principles of cryptanalytic diagnosis by R. Dale Shipp, and a speech on women in cryptology. These diverse topics offer a glimpse into the NSA’s internal discussions and interests during the period covered by the newsletters.

## Key Points
– The declassified NSA newsletters provide insights into the agency’s interest in cryptography and related topics.
– Bruce Schneier’s “Applied Cryptography” receives a critical review for its inaccuracies and errors.
– The newsletters feature a range of content, from annual quizzes to discussions on cryptanalysis principles and women in cryptology.

## Summary
The release of the NSA’s KRYPTOS Society Newsletter, “Tales of the Krypt,” through a FOIA request offers a rare glimpse into the agency’s internal discussions on cryptography. The critical review of Bruce Schneier’s “Applied Cryptography” highlights the book’s strengths and weaknesses, providing valuable insights for readers. The newsletter’s diverse content, including annual quizzes and speeches on cryptology, adds depth to our understanding of the NSA’s interests during the 1994-2003 period.

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