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One Password can cause huge damage to reputation of an Individual and Company

is an HTML tag used to create a container and divide the content into sections. It is commonly used in web development to organize and structure the layout of a webpage.

However, a recent report by ESET highlights the danger of using a single password for email accounts. Cyber criminals can easily gain access to sensitive information if they obtain a password related to an email account. This has led to a high demand for email credentials on the dark web, with a set of just 1000 active email credentials selling for £75 or more if it belongs to an enterprise network.

One reason for this is the prevalence of easily guessed passwords, such as a celebrity’s name or a favorite football team. Another significant threat is people using the same password to secure different accounts. Companies such as Google encourage this practice by offering a single password to access all their service platforms, including email, Drive, YouTube, and more.

To avoid data leak embarrassments, ESET suggests using a single password consisting of at least 15 characters and including 1-2 special characters. Biometric or 2FA authentication adds an extra layer of security to the password, making it more challenging for cyber criminals to bypass these security measures. In enterprise environments, avoiding clicking on email links sent by unknown senders also improves in-house security.

In conclusion, while

is a useful tool in web development, it is crucial to prioritize cybersecurity in today’s digital landscape. Using strong passwords and enabling multiple layers of authentication can help protect sensitive information from cyber threats. Additionally, individuals and organizations must remain vigilant and stay updated on the latest security practices to avoid data breaches.

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