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Orange Espana breach spurs increased ransomware attacks.

Title: Orange España Falls Victim to Cyber Attack; Security Researchers Uncover Widespread Compromises

Orange España, the second-largest mobile operator in Spain, recently experienced a cyber-attack that resulted in a disruption of mobile services for over three hours. Investigations conducted by security researchers revealed that the hacking group known as “Snow” successfully breached Orange España’s RIPE Network Coordination Centre, leading to configuration errors in the public key infrastructure and border gateway protocol. The aftermath of the attack exposed compromised credentials for more than 1572 computer networks, affecting entities across multiple countries.

Widespread Compromises and Malware Deployment:
A study conducted by Resecurity found that the cyber-attack on Orange España resulted in compromised credentials for various computer networks, including those of a Kenya-based IT firm, a sizable IT firm in Azerbaijan, and a multinational data center in Africa. The attackers employed data-stealing malware such as Lumma, Azorult, Vidar, Redline, and Taurus within the targeted networks. These malicious programs specifically targeted credentials used by professionals such as data center administrators, telecom administrators, network engineers, and IT managers.

Potential Consequences and Previous Data Breach:
Network compromises of this nature often pave the way for ransomware attacks and unauthorized extraction of valuable intellectual property. The stolen data is typically sold for as little as $10 per record or used in collaboration with other cybercriminals for activities like phishing attacks. Notably, Orange España had previously disclosed details of the Aadhaar data breach, which impacted over 850 million Indian citizens in October 2023.

Collaborative Efforts to Combat Cybercrime:
In response to the increasing cybersecurity challenges, Resecurity has partnered with Cybercrime Atlas to form a global alliance against cybercrime networks. This collaboration, announced at the World Economic Forum’s Center, brings together expertise from over 40 public and private entities. The aim is to provide technical support and innovative solutions to combat cyber threats while protecting businesses and individuals worldwide.

Orange España, the second-largest mobile operator in Spain, suffered a cyber-attack that disrupted mobile services for several hours. Security researchers determined that the hacking group “Snow” breached the company’s infrastructure, resulting in configuration errors and compromises of credentials for various computer networks. The attackers deployed data-stealing malware to target professionals in the IT industry. These network compromises can lead to ransomware attacks and the unauthorized extraction of intellectual property. In response, Resecurity and Cybercrime Atlas have formed a collaboration to combat cybercrime networks and provide global technical support in the fight against cyber threats.

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