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Over 1800 global banking apps targeted by 29 malware variants

A recent survey conducted by security firm Zimperium has revealed that 29 malware families have been targeting approximately 1800 banking applications worldwide. These sophisticated malware entities have demonstrated the ability to evade security measures, showcasing a high level of sophistication in their design. The impact of these attacks has been most pronounced in the United States, where over 108 banking applications fell victim to infections. The United Kingdom and Italy followed closely behind with 48 and 44 compromised banking institutions, respectively. Many of these malware variants are capable of executing unauthorized money transfers and sharing the victim’s screen while delivering a new payload. This alarming scenario underscores the urgent need for banks to implement proactive security measures and for customers to exercise vigilance in protecting their data and finances.

Key Points:
1. A recent survey by Zimperium has revealed that 29 malware families are targeting banking applications worldwide.
2. These malware entities are sophisticated and can evade security measures.
3. The United States, United Kingdom, and Italy have been the most affected countries.
4. The malware can execute unauthorized money transfers and share the victim’s screen.
5. Banks need to implement proactive security measures, and customers must exercise vigilance to protect their data and finances.

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